Friday, September 17, 2010

You're being lied to

Joe Vitale recently sent the following email to his list.

The subject line is: You're being lied to.

He writes in the email that he's "really sick of the 'experts' who are trying to explain the Law of Attraction to you."

Is Joe now a critic? One of those evil critics who would be better off doing something more productive than criticising other people? Because that's what he calls people who are critical... and it seems that not only is Joe Vitale being critical of other people who teach the Law of Attraction, but he's also accusing them of being liars.

Which teacher of the Law of Attraction would be a liar, Joe? Would that be Rhonda Byrne in her new book? Or your friend James Ray? Tell us, Joe, who is the big "expert" liar here... and no cheating by confessing your own lies... we're all well aware of those.

The email is specifically designed to suck people into a trial run of his Miracles Coaching program... you know the one... the one that is described in this blog post here: Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching Review. There are links in one of the comments after the review that describe the program's scammy sales pitchfest that I suggest you read too.

Edited to add: here's a post from someone that was probably sucked in by this very email. Help me to not help Joe Vitale help me.

Being who I am... you know the keeper of the pyre... I receive emails. Sometimes its from people who just need to vent some about their experiences but don't want the shame of their experience being publicized. I understand... I've been there. I listen, I write back, and I keep their confidence. It's not my job to tell their stories.

But I can tell you that there are other stories out there. Apparently Joe knows the stories too... the stories about how Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching program is just another front for Prosper Inc., a company that has some shady dealings behind the scenes. He knows the stories about how how Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching program is really just a book-study program for which they charge people thousands of dollars.

The Rolls Royce Masterminds get the press from ABC News (press that fireboy thinks is unfair - oh, cry me a river... is it fair to take someone's last few thousand dollars for a promise undelivered?), but I'd hope that you take a deeper look at the Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching program. This sucks in far more people and delivers far, far less.

In the email Joe sends out, he says that he credits coaching with helping him recover from homelessness. Funny, last time I heard him speak, he credited a pencil and free books from the library.

Here's the body of the email below.... and coming soon, a preview of Joe Vitale's new program, The Abundance Paradigm. Here's a hint: No matter what way you slice it, it's still the same loaf of nutrient-deficient white bread.

I'm really sick of all the "experts" who are
trying to explain the Law of Attraction to you.

Maybe they actually believe what they are saying.

I don't know but I can't stand to see you mislead.

For that reason, I want you to take me up on my
offer to get a taste of Miracles Coaching, to see
if it is right for you.

No cost.

No obligation.

I know you may be nervous about talking to
someone about Miracles Coaching.

I know because I've been there.

The first time I went to see a coach, I could
hardly breathe.

And my car stalled on the way there.

I knew this was my inner resistance to leaving
my comfort zone. But I also knew I had to do
something to change.

So I told myself (and my car), "I'm going to
that session no matter what!"

As a direct result, I left the old unhappy
and unsuccessful me and became a new man
with levels of new success I only dreamed of

You can have this, too -- or something even

Go see --

How bad was it for me before I got a coach?

A few months ago I went to Dallas to relive my
homeless days while a TV crew filmed it all.

It sucked.

I didn't like going there.

I didn't like being there.

I didn't like reliving the misery.

But I'm glad I went through it.

I was finally able to break through the black
cloud I've unconsciously carried from three
decades ago.

When people ask me how I went from
homeless to bestselling author, all I can
tell them is I never let go of my dream
and I persistently and relentlessly worked
toward making it a reality.

And I worked at my dream while I was homeless,
in poverty, struggling with no job at all or jobs
I hated so bad I cried driving to and from them.

I never gave up.

I kept going to the library, kept reading
self-help and self-improvement books,
and kept applying what I read.

It all helped me.

But it wasn't enough.

I needed something more.

The giant breakthrough came when I got
a personal coach.

I wrote about this in my book, "The Attractor
Factor," and I've told the story many times.

While you'll grow with books and audios --
and you should keep reading them as
nourishment for your mind and soul --
the dramatic leaps to new levels will come
more easily and quickly with a coach.

That's why I started Miracles Coaching
more than four years ago.

It's to help you dissolve your hidden limitations
and leap frog up the ladder of success.

It's to help you to understand the Law of
Attraction, so you can actually get the results
you prefer.

It's to help you attract miracles.

To help you taste what I'm talking about,
just go to --

Again, it's freeee.

It's a gift to you, to help you move forward.

And all you have to do is request it.

It'll help you have a better day, too.

In fact, your first miracle could be that call.

Isn't it time?



PS - You can listen to an interview with
one of my Miracles Coaches, and watch a
short video about Miracles Coaching, at
the site. Again, it's at --

Coming Soon: My new audio program will be out
late October: "The Abundance Paradigm: Moving
from the Law of Attraction to the Law of
Creation." You'll love it. :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Video Link Generator

Did you know that there is a new product called the Video Link Generator? Did you know that it is a free video link generator, but that there are also upsell options available so that it is also a paid video link generator?

That's right! It's web site that does a whole bunch of things that is generating links for videos. And other things. But there's something else you should know about generating links for videos.

Why you need a video link generator

This new product just released is probably easy to find if you guess the domain. But this little post is designed to help the search engines figure out that a really cool video link generator has existed for a long time, and that this OTHER video link generator is probably a better option for you if integrity is important to you.

Yes, Burned by Fire is taking a side. I'm taking the side of someone who is experiencing what I experienced 4 years ago in the same disgusting inner circle of rip off artists in Wimber-lie.

You would probably enjoy learning more about another video link generator, except it is called a Video Code Maker. Still. It makes working with video online a lot easier and productive. And you want to be more productive with your videos, don't you.

I'm sure you're smart enough to figure out which Video Link Generator is best for your needs. But I also hope you read the comments in this blog post about how a certain person in Wimberley, Texas basically took another person's idea. It's called integrity, and I hope you put your video link generation needs to buy from the person with more integrity than the other person.

So, go get the video link generator from the person with the most integrity.

As you might surmise from reading this, I really have no idea what the Video Code Maker does. Or the Video Link Generator either. I do know how certain people roll however, and I'm happy to do my part to bump the search engines in the right way, and to ensure than anyone who thinks they want to use the Video Link Generator at that other domain fully understands what they're supporting if they want to use that link generation option for their videos.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Joe Vitale's Empire of Miracles

I saw Joe Vitale speak about ho'oponopono about 4 years ago back before his book Zero Limits was written. He did this exercise where he had people brainstorm up all of these ideas on a white board and then he told us that none of that stuff ever matters because what really matters is inspiration and going back to a clean whiteboard.

Then he said that he didn't know what he was going to talk about that day, it was going to come from inspiration.

It's the same exact  spiel he did at the TLC meeting in Santa Fe. He posted the videos to not much fanfare at all, but he sure did inspire Steve Pavlina. I am actually finding Pavlina's inspired 30 days experiment rather interesting to watch. But to say that he was inspired to do so by Mr. Fire's inspired speech is to say that you were inspired by a lie.

So, Joe Vitale says he has a new show coming up with CBS.

First, what is CBS thinking? Do they want to throw money away the way that other network did on Tony Robbins? If Tony Robbins can't make it last more than 2 episodes, I think Joe Vitale's track record will be even worse.

But shame on CBS for giving a scammer free air time to suck people into the scam of Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching amongst other things.

Are we going to start taking bets that it's not going to come to fruition? Let's think about this. Joe is always tooting his own horn that he's going to have the next greatest media appearance. He's told us that he was going to:

- be on Oprah (didn't happen)
- have his own TV show called Expect Miracles  (didn't happen)
- have his own documentary about his not-really a non-profit, Operation YES, from which he says he will end homelessness in one day (didn't happen)
- have his own radio show with CNN
- blah blah fishcakes

How many other things has Joe Vitale SAID he was going to do but he never does them? Let's see...

Wasn't he going to buy a multi-million dollar house? I don't see any evidence of that ever happening either. How about ending homelessness? I just saw a hobo who said Joe Vitale allegedly offered him $5 to do something awful behind the dumpster at the Jack in the Box. What other things has Joe said were going to happen, but he can't live up to his hype?

Healing the gulf of mexico with affirmations set to music? Actually helping people?

With his track record, we should keep score of what Joe says he's going to do versus what he actually does.

Note: this type of hype of what he SAYS is going to happen versus what WILL happen applies to his products too. If you don't believe me, look at his own disclaimer. He's telling you right there that he's not going to deliver on the hype... what he's selling you is "hard work." Note: this is YOUR HARD WORK, not his.


Speaking of TV shows, Joe was on ABC news not long ago. First, he was ridiculed during a program about Joe's good friend James Ray who allegedly murdered people in a sweat lodge in Sedona due to his negligence. Joe looked like a complete idiot during this program, and he similarly looked like an idiot on the replay on ABC news this last weekend.

ABC is doing something interesting here... they call him a successful self-help guru, and the article is vague in its criticism. This is actually kind of smart, because it pulls people in who might otherwise think Joe is a decent human being but plants the subtle idea that perhaps Joe is an egomaniac who will really take you for a ride.

Joe, oblivious to his own egomaniacal ways, promotes the ABC article as something that is good for him. I had to wonder WTF was happening here, but here's the deal. Joe has so many of his cult followers in a trance believing that he deserves positive attention and that it couldn't happen any other way. Joe plants hypnotic trances in his products and marketing (he is, of course, the godfather of hype-notic marketing, right?) so that people are  more receptive to his other marketing. So if they see something vague, and Joe tells them its positive, their hypnotic trance tells them it is so.

It's pretty pathetic, and probably continued contributory evidence that he has a very small penis and severe mental capacity problems, that he needs to resort to lies, manipulation, and hypnosis in order to sell a product. He has to resort to lies, stealing, and manipulating hypnosis in order to convince people that he is more than what he is. He has to play mind games and mind tricks in order to convince people that he knows anything at all.

And I feel sorry for the people who fall for it.

I feel sorry for myself for falling for it many years ago.

But if you notice something, Joebots need to cycle through... people eventually start seeing that there is no evidence of success in their lives despite dumping thousands of dollars on Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching program and his other products... and they wake up. The cognitive dissonance is too great for them. And they wake up, eventually. At least most of them do.

So he needs to keep sucking them in so that he can keep sucking in their cash.

For those that never wake up, or for those that sense something is seriously wrong but can't quite put their finger on it, they are required by the very nature of the Vitale world to believe that Joe is great, Joe does no wrong, Joe experiences no wrong, Joe is as close to diety as you can experience. It is all an illusion, an illusion that would make the greatest magician and hypnotist proud of him. Or maybe disgusted.

Hey, sounds just like a cult.  Joe must have learned those tactics when he recruited for Rajneesh back in the day.

Good job, CBS radio. You'll be helping a whole new group of people experience the psychosis veiled as self help.

There are good self help teachers out there... but they're few and far between. And you have to keep your wits about you so that you don't get sucked into a victimization type of relationship with a teacher or guru. My advice is to look beyond the personality and look at the information being presented. The information will speak for itself.


In other news, apparently Pat O'Fat O'Breakdown O'Bryan launched another scam attempt charging for something that is freely available elsewhere with his video link generator. Nerissa Oden, who also has a video link creation application, and who is also "married" to Joe Vitale. Oh noes, did Pat O'Bryan take her idea? She's pretty heated up about it, apparently taking her frustration to her Facebook wall. She also repeats some of the standard secret-type thinking about how Pat is just triggering her, blah blah.

And that, my friends, is similar to the brainwashing that happens with other people in the Vitale empire. If they want to be a part of the non-potable Joe Vitale empire, they have to agree that Joe is awesome and that anything that is wrong is something that they manifested into their experience. So they beat themselves up and shame themselves for the wrongs they've experienced.

Thus, the people around Joe and Pat remain victims if they want to remain around Joe and Pat. They are bullied into either believing the lie or at the very least remaining silent to the truth.

This, my friends, is Joe Vitale's secret to success. It isn't affirmation, meditation, ho'oponopono, zero limits, law of attraction, saying "I love you" (more likely "I love me"), and it doesn't come from integrity. Joe Vitale's secret of success is pretty much summed up by They Might Be Giants in Kiss Me Son of God.

I built a little empire out of some crazy garbage
Called the blood of the exploited working class
But they've overcome their shyness
Now they're calling me Your Highness
And a world screams, "Kiss me, Son of God"
Yes a world screams, "Kiss me, Son of God"

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Secret to Attracting Salty

Yes, we all know Joe Vitale is the crypt keeper of the Missing Secret, The Secret to Attracting Money, and the Secret to getting clear on weight loss, and all kinds of other missing secrets that allow him to lease Rolls Royces.

What's missing in his Vitale Vault ($40 a month, btw) is the Secret to Attracting Salty Droid. And the Secret to looking awful on ABC News, and the Secret to not having your brown-nosing work on Dan Harris.

Maybe he can't connect with Pat O'Bryan, because Pat also apparently has the keys to the kingdom, too.

Yes, this is how the Law of Attraction really works, kiddies. You set your intentions, you get clear on what you really want, and you get someone who gets everything he wants sell you over-priced awful clearing products that screw with your unconscious mind.

So, if you're looking to attract the attention of a group of people who find your products, marketing, and general persona distasteful (to say the least), drop some cash on the Vitale programs. They really work!

For those of you who have missed me, aww, thanks. I've missed me, too. I have quite a few unfinished blog posts that aren't even timely anymore. Best thing is to watch VitaleWatch on twitter. Somehow hacking together 140 characters is more suited to my time constraints.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Did the HCG Diet Destroy Joe Vitale's Brain?

It's been a while, and unfortunately I don't have much exciting news to report as a result of my extended absence. It's just that this is not even a hobby blog, so when life, hobbies, or even a party comes along, making fun of fireboy's self-indulgent rantings in pursuit of the almighty dollar takes a distant last in my priority list.

But these recent developments are rather egregious, so I'm thrust back into Snarkville whether or not I like it or not. Thanks a million, Joe. No, really. You think I LIKE having to point out your stupidity? Not at all. I'd rather ignore you. I'd keep my lunch down a lot easier if I did.

And since I actually know how to modulate my meals, my lunch for the last month has been more than a little lettuce leaf like you and fathead O'Bryan's meals. Are you back to the Caligula-styled feasts with your boytoys now that HCG is done - again?

How about this wondrous promise of the super-secret drug delivery mechanism HCG diet that Fireboy, his girlfriend, and Pat O'Bryan have been on? Lovely, this diet. It's based on a program that Kevin Trudeau wrote about in his "they" series of tomes. The secret HCG diet purportedly promises to reset your metabolism and your "set point weight" so that you never gain the weight back.

At least that's what Joe Vitale said when he started the HCG diet in early 2009. He would never have to diet again! Good thing he was able to do the diet AGAIN this year. You know, especially since he said in 2009 that he would never have to do it again.


My bet is that the super-secret delivery mechanism is thus...

1. stick some sublingual HCG tablets in your super-secret Siberian Hoshun wish dolly.
2. Close up hoshun and give thanks that he doesn't have any eyes.
3. Say the magic word. (sshhhh, it's a super secret word)
4. Shove the unwitting hoshun wish dolly up your fat ass.

Voila! Not only have you conned unwitting hype-no-tized followers into buying your wish doll JPG printout, you're going to eradicate the evidence of your self-indulgent excesses from your hips, thighs, and ever-expanding ASS!

Like I said, BRILLIANT!

I think that the HCG diet has destroyed Joe Vitale's brain... last year after he did it, this is when he started his completely insane rampage of illustrious internet marketing. And this year... well, let's see.

Mr. Fire is seeking free labor in the form of interns so that he can document his efforts to end homelessness for a supposed "CNN reality show." Good job, Joe! Keep the free labor coming in... nevermind that actually PAYING someone for work done would contribute to the success that Joe Vitale so often spouts off about wanting for people.

I'm sure he wants others to be successful.

But never at his expense... he expects others to give to him for free. Of course, they get the grand payment of being in his HCG-whittled presence. I suppose that's payment enough.

Oh, but according to his latest blog post, you should DEMAND money.

Just not from him. No, he should get a free pass and free labor.

And for those of you who have purchased any of "his work," his lack of investment in a quality project is apparent.

When was the last time Joe Vitale had a quality product? Maybe when he took all of Dr. Hew Len's information, repackaged it, and tried to shine the light of spirituality on him. Now that Hew Len has taken his road-show elsewhere leaving Zero Limits behind, Vitale is stuck trying to justify how he's going to end homelessness in one day.

If you haven't done it by now, Joey, you aren't going to. You're just a Kevin Trudeau wannabe... you'll have to invent a "they" for people to run away from in order to have some faux credibility.

Later, I'll address the issue of Fireboy's latest illogical blog post in which he states he's found the scientific proof that the Law of Attraction is actually a scientifically verifiable fact. Oh, but wait, he's not really saying that. Didn't you read his blog post? Are you learning impaired? You're not supposed to actually read the HEADLINE, you're supposed to dig through the excrement of his writing for the REAL meaning. He quotes from a book written by an actual SCIENTIST (ooh) who also writes science fiction. (Guess which genre this book falls into?)

Then Fireboy says:
Also according to Taylor, the Law of Attraction is not a law. He declares that the “law” is more an adage; a philosophical or psychological maxim. He doesn’t dismiss it; he simply says it’s not a law by strict scientific proof. There’s no empirical evidence for it.
Wait, what was that headline again, fireboy?
Scientific Evidence for The Secret’s Law of Attraction
Hmm. That oughta get your critical thinking faculties started. He's contradictory and illogical and trying to confuse you... so he can hype-no-tize you.

And Joe, remember, just because you think it, doesn't mean it's true. The emperor still isn't wearing any clothes... and the HCG diet hasn't made that vision any more appealing.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sorry for the long-time, no-write, kids.

I've actually tried writing a few posts in the past week since Dan Harris of ABC News interviewed Joe Vitale. I was hoping to analyze what may have happened during that interview, but I think if you read Mr. Fire's blog post about it, you can read between the lines. Darn those mainstream media reporters! Always asking questions!

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably got the jist of what I think about the interview and Joe Vitale's comments about the interview.

But my experience yesterday got me thinking enough to start writing again. Here's the backstory.

Two days ago, Pat O'Bryan re-tweeted a comment by Mark Joyner on Twitter. In it he comments:
Being a vocal critic is a great way to get recognized ... but what's more important? Recognition? Or not being an asshole?
I, of course, had to ask if the families of the victims of James Ray's sweatlodge were assholes for being vocal critics. See, I think criticism, and being vocal, have a very important place in this world, and I think that attacking critics for their criticism without dealing with the criticism directly serves absolutely no one.

What transpired was a polite, nice conversation between me, Cosmic Connie, and Mark Joyner. I was impressed with how he handled talking to a critic. This is about the extent of my experience with him, so I won't comment on him or his products/services further. Though if he can pull off what he's trying to do with Construct Zero, I applaud him.

What happened later was even more surprising. I asked Mark if he had ever seen Hoshun, the blind, magic Russian wish dolly. Mark responded that he didn't believe in such things. Within hours, Pat O'Bryan had updated his Russian wish dolly web site with a left-brained western look at Hoshun that balanced out the magical marketing crap rather nicely.

See, now on Cosmic Connie's blog, Pat had actually posted a similar explanation of Hoshun, an explanation you'd never get by reading the magical genie copywriting on the wish dolly site. As you can imagine, the magical promises made in the copywriting was something that even Pat and Joe's friends had taken issue with. To say that Hoshun was unpopular with friends and foe alike was an understatement.

Yet, in sheer and utter defiance of criticism from any source, the site remained up, the product remained for sale, and there were no changes to how the magical genie was marketed.

But when Mark Joyner says he doesn't believe in such things, it all changes. That's all that changed yesterday... that Mark Joyner (perhaps hearing of Hoshun for the first time) says something, and something rather minor at that.

Interesting dynamic, no?

So, I had to wonder. Maybe Mark Joyner has some magical genie powers himself? And we didn't have to paint eyes on him either! Hey, maybe we can start selling jpg printouts of Mark Joyner for $40 a pop that people can put up on their refrigerators to change their whole world!

Now, it is rather apparent that dishing out even the kindest criticism to misguided internet marketers is not Mark Joyner's cup of tea. But the exchange illustrated a few points.

The Level of Respect
When someone that one of the Wimberley mafia respects says something, the Wimberley mafia take action. There seems to be a disconnect between the respect afforded someone like Mark Joyner and their customers. So of course, I have to ask, what would happen if Joe Vitale or Pat O'Bryan treated their customers the same way they'd treat someone they respected, like Joyner? Would that change their business practices?

Would Joe Vitale charge Mark Joyner $5,000 to ride in his Rolls Royce and go to dinner at the Vitale Cigar Bar? I seem to recall that Mark visited with Joe and his merry band of Siglo marketers not too long ago. I don't know if Mark paid them $5,000 to be in the same room with Joe, but I doubt it.

For those who might argue that Joe is an experienced business man and so is Mark and blah blah they have knowledge others don't, I might have to wonder. I don't know enough about Mark to know whether or not his billable rate is fair or not, but because Joe is deceptive in his marketing (see previous posts of mine for evidence and further opinion), I doubt he is worth the thousands per hour he says he is.

But then again, even Richard Branson sells his presence for $40,000 according to a commenter on the Salty Droid's post about Tellman Knudson. Who knows who is worth what. That's not really my point.

My point is that I see a level of respect towards Mark Joyner that is not afforded the average wish dolly customer. And I think that if Joe Vitale, Pat O'Bryan, and the rest of them respected their customers as much as they do Mark Joyner, not only would I have nothing to snark about, but their entire business would change.

Probably for the better. It might even change their entire lives! Total life transformation, right there, guys! And I'm not charging you hundreds a month to hear it! Get congruent: get your marketing lined up with some integrity and your beliefs, respect your customers, and your entire life will change!

Joe said somewhere that he says "I love you" when he's writing or talking to people. I don't see love when you're trying to sell someone something that is "magical" that will change their entire life, as he did with the awakened millionaire continuity crap.

The Level of Discourse
I actually had a decent back-and-forth with Joyner. Yes, Mark Joyner TALKED to a critic. And I didn't bite him. Actually, I walked away from the conversation (actually RAN as I was late for a meeting) thinking highly of him in terms of how he can relate to a critic.

Let's compare that with how I've been treated by the gang in Wimberley. Or how Connie has been treated. They've attacked, ignored, mocked, and ignored some more. Yes, maybe if we IGNORE the problem it will go away, right?

Which method of handling a critic was more effective? I think that's the lesson for everyone (including me).

Effecting Change
Despite opinions to the contrary, my goal in writing anything is to effect change. I would like others to think more critically and not get wrapped up in the hype-notic* copywriting where they throw their money away on garbage so Mr. Fire can buy fake Siglo cigars and pretend he's important. I would like Mr. Fire to stop being Mr. Fire and Joe Vitale to be more congruent with his words and actions and act with the integrity he purports to have.

We got a LITTLE change yesterday. Minor. It seemed to come from the combined pressure of a critic pointing out incongruency and awareness by someone respected. How can we harness that kind of power and influence to effect change elsewhere?

Some say that we can't FORCE people to act ethically. I agree. But can we encourage them to? How so? How do I encourage someone to do something when they think I am scum (because I am not Mark Joyner). And even if I did reveal my identity, I wouldn't have the respect from any of the Wimber-lies... I'm ranked down with "customers."

These are the questions I have.

I am encouraged to see some change. And I am glad to have had the conversation with Mark that shifted things... not only in Pat, but in myself as well.

* With a nod to Ron Kaye, brilliant mind behind "hype-notic."

Friday, January 8, 2010

Party at the Pyre

Things have been busy around the Pyre, but not in a Pyre-building way. As Joe Vitale's best buddy noted in his hissy fit blog post last month, we're just a bunch of pro-bono critic losers who have no life. Of course this is based upon the assumption that anyone who would ever criticize the perfectly inspired tripe coming out of Wimber-lie couldn't possibly have a life. (Doesn't that logic just dazzle you?)

So, I've been tending to my lack of life, including holidays, friends visiting, and a new project that has my attention and focus for the next couple of weeks.

Mr. Fire has been pretty quiet as of late, not doing much more than pie-in-the-sky dreams of being a trillionaire (let's just skip that billionaire business), fawning over a young starry-eyed opera singer, and taking ideas from other's books and trying as much as he can to make them his own (e.g., the checklist manifesto).

Not much to snark about there beyond a sentence or two.

I'm still waiting on anyone coming forward to talk about the success of their participation in the Awakened Millionaire program. And I'm of course looking forward to any information on how the woman who went into debt to attend that program last year is doing.

Vitale's favorite pit bull minion is chomping at the bit lately with some odd cryptic twitter posts. I suspect he's probably missing his CriticWatch days on twitter, wishing he could pick a fight or two. Boring. For now, he doesn't seem to be getting ready to launch any scam-infested wish doll products with his master, so I don't have much interest in his "limp dick" saber rattling.

For the next couple of weeks, I've got to focus on my new project, the fruition of which won't be discussed here. But I'll be back.

Until then, I highly recommend you follow the fun with Bill Harris, the Salty Droid, and Duff McDuffee at Beyond Growth. Seems that Billy-Joe Harris didn't really like Duff's analytic piece about the Hollow Sink (holosync) products Harris puts out and that James Ray required as a part of his Death Lodge party. So there have been threats, cease and desist letters, and a fantastic New Year wedding that brought tears to my eyes. I've never seen so much love.

If only there were so much love in Wimber-lie.