Friday, January 8, 2010

Party at the Pyre

Things have been busy around the Pyre, but not in a Pyre-building way. As Joe Vitale's best buddy noted in his hissy fit blog post last month, we're just a bunch of pro-bono critic losers who have no life. Of course this is based upon the assumption that anyone who would ever criticize the perfectly inspired tripe coming out of Wimber-lie couldn't possibly have a life. (Doesn't that logic just dazzle you?)

So, I've been tending to my lack of life, including holidays, friends visiting, and a new project that has my attention and focus for the next couple of weeks.

Mr. Fire has been pretty quiet as of late, not doing much more than pie-in-the-sky dreams of being a trillionaire (let's just skip that billionaire business), fawning over a young starry-eyed opera singer, and taking ideas from other's books and trying as much as he can to make them his own (e.g., the checklist manifesto).

Not much to snark about there beyond a sentence or two.

I'm still waiting on anyone coming forward to talk about the success of their participation in the Awakened Millionaire program. And I'm of course looking forward to any information on how the woman who went into debt to attend that program last year is doing.

Vitale's favorite pit bull minion is chomping at the bit lately with some odd cryptic twitter posts. I suspect he's probably missing his CriticWatch days on twitter, wishing he could pick a fight or two. Boring. For now, he doesn't seem to be getting ready to launch any scam-infested wish doll products with his master, so I don't have much interest in his "limp dick" saber rattling.

For the next couple of weeks, I've got to focus on my new project, the fruition of which won't be discussed here. But I'll be back.

Until then, I highly recommend you follow the fun with Bill Harris, the Salty Droid, and Duff McDuffee at Beyond Growth. Seems that Billy-Joe Harris didn't really like Duff's analytic piece about the Hollow Sink (holosync) products Harris puts out and that James Ray required as a part of his Death Lodge party. So there have been threats, cease and desist letters, and a fantastic New Year wedding that brought tears to my eyes. I've never seen so much love.

If only there were so much love in Wimber-lie.


  1. Happy New Year to you, BBF. (Don't forget that Duff's co-blogger Eric Schiller is preparing another Bill Harris post.) While tending to my own lack of a life, I've been keeping up with the blogs and Tweets of "haters" and "hatees" alike. When reading Vitale's buddy's blog post in which he hinted at some of his big plans for 2010 -- some of which do sound genuinely interesting and not snarkworthy -- I was struck once again by a point he either doesn't get or pretends not to get: People don't criticize him or anyone else in the self-help biz for the mere fact of being wealthy or (marginally) famous. Though it's generally true that rich & famous folks are magnets for both just and unjust criticism, wealth and fame are not the targets (or snargets) here. But you know that, and I know that, so I guess there's no point in elaborating. I do find it interesting that Vitale and his buddy both seem to look to Kevin True-dough as a role model.

    If you really are waiting to hear true success stories from the Awakened Millionaire scheme, I suspect you're going to have a very long wait. Ditto with hearing about the cleaning woman who went into debt to attend the Awakened Millionaire event on Cosmic Connie's Birthday Weekend last year. If you do hear from or about her, I have a feeling it won't be the sort of thing that would be fit for the AW promo page.

  2. Your an asshole. Why would you exert so much energy into tearing other people apart. Go suck a big hair dick. You idiot

  3. What is a "hair dick?" I wasn't aware that strands of hair possessed genitalia. Perhaps this Pat person meant "hare dick," which would suggest that perhaps s/he has some sort of unhealthy and possibly illegal obsession with leporids. Or maybe s/he was simply suggesting that you should suck on a private detective who has big hair, in which case a hyphen between "big" and "hair," and the addition of "ed" to "hair," would have made the suggestion much clearer. But I'm certainly not going to attempt to edit your commenters' comments. I have enough on my hands with all the fact-checking I don't do for my own blog.