Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's All Your Fault I Charge Too Much

Recently, Joe Vitale posted a blog entry about a curious question. His answer was even more curiouser, leading us to wonder what rabbit hole Fireboy is holed up in on his Wimberlie not-estate.

In essence, someone asked Joe Vitale why he charges so much for his audio book The Secret to Attracting Money. That's right. I'm not going to call it an audio "program." That's a trick of the internet marketing trade, you see, to call something that is really an audio book an audio program. Program sounds much more official. Book sounds like a $9.99 bargain bin find. But if you look at content, substance, and packaging, The Secret to Attracting Money is nothing more than a bargain bin audio book.

Of course, that's insulting to bargain bin audio books, in my opinion, but I think they'll forgive me.

Joe explains in numbered points (much more authoritative than bullets, donchaknow) why he is forced to sell his The Secret to Attracting Money audio book for $120 instead of $9.99 like other audio books of this caliber.

Let's take a look at some of those points.

1. I already give away a book! That's right. He does. And it's got listed on every single page. It's not a giveaway; it is an advertisement. Also included as a bonus in his numbered point #1, the blame game: "you've got money, but you assholes don't appreciate your money!"

2. You wouldn't respect me if I gave something away. Free is not respected, says Joe. That's because Joe doesn't respect anything free... and he gives away his free book (see authoritative numbered point #1) as an advertisement for something he really craves... a boiler-room sales pitch designed to find out how much money or credit you have and how to get it ALL from you.

His comments about people not respecting something given for free is conjecture. No evidence of this, just assertions. But of course, we have lists of blog entries from Joe about how generous he is. He even gives away cars and has a program for ending homelessness in one day! Why would he do all of this if no one respects generosity? Oh right, conspicuous altruism. Joe's favorite card to pull when things get hot in the media for him. ABC News does an expose on his Rolls Royce Mastermind, so Joe goes full on psycho with his Operation YES, aka, Operation Broken Promises.

3. I have people to PAY, people. Sure you do, Fireboy. But why does it take so many more dollars to pay your people than it does anyone else who has an audio book? Why is your audio book priced so much higher than anyone else's audio books on the same topics? Why are other people giving away the same program information for free. 

Darn, that's all the authoritative numbered points we get? I thought we were on a roll. But once again, Mr Fire disappoints.

Now, we're going to look at something important. Limiting beliefs, one of Joe Vitale's favorite "it's all your fault" mantras. Just by asking Joe Vitale why he charges exorbitant rates for his products, we are all just plagued by limiting beliefs. Instead, we need to venture into Joe's world... .the world where everyone can charge whatever they want, free market forces be damned.

In Mr. Fire's utopia, everyone pays what Joe wants. And if they ask a question, it's their own fault for not being open to Mr. Fire's definition of things.

They're not open to thinking that audio books are sophisticated audio programs. (Because it's not)

They're not open to thinking that Joe's audio book is unique and holds actual secrets (because it doesn't)

They're not open to thinking that Magic Wish Dolly's stolen from Maria in Russia can actually solve all of your problems (because it doesn't and it says so right in his disclaimer)

They're not open to being taken for a ride in his Rolls Royce Master Mind. (because it... well, it is being taken for a ride)

They're not open to seeing the possibilities of Prosper Inc. emptying their bank accounts and racking up tremendous credit card debt for Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching. Oh, it's popular, Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching.

It's your own fault for being so limiting to not give Joe what he wants when he wants it.

For someone who teaches taking full responsibility for everything in your life (the very basis behind the ho'oponopono teachings), Joe Vitale certainly has a lot to learn.

Lessons (numbered for their full authoritay)

#1. Don't blame your customers.
#2. Take responsibility for your pricing instead of blaming others. Why not say, "I think it is a fair price given the market, the content, and the distribution costs.
#3. Stop being such a monumental douchebag when people question you.

And on that note, I'm going to go buy an audio book and celebrate the fact that not all authors are complete douchebags. Just the ones living on not-estates in Wimberlie.

Here's one thing on which I agree with Joe Vitale: money is neutral. It is a symbol of what you value. How people earn their money is a symbol of what value fulfillment they seek in their life. From this blog post, I can only assume that Joe Vitale values money more than anything else.

Disclaimer: this web site and this blog post are full of my opinions, DUH.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Joe Vitale's Adventures in Scamworld

Hello again, kids. I know. I've been missing. Actually, I've enjoyed my time away from blogger so much that I barely recognize the place. Who rearranged all the furniture?

I'm writing today because something interesting popped up in my Google alerts this morning. And I think you should read it. If you're ever considering participating in Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching Program, please read the article.

If you are considering Prosper, Inc. and a miracles coach, please be aware of what tactics you will encounter when you are run through the "free 30-minute coaching session" that is apparently really a sales call. Your psychology will be unearthed, your unconscious beliefs exposed, and then the sales person allegedly will use those things to separate you from the money in your pocketbook or the credit on your credit cards.

If you complain about the failure of the Miracles Coaching Program to help you, you are then blamed for their experience. If you had a bad experience with Miracles Coaching, you are then told that you created it, you didn't do what you were told, or maybe you "just need to clean on it."

After all, these techniques worked for Joe Vitale. He's the one that has the car collection, right? So obviously he knows what he is talking about.

But wait a minute. Maybe he got that car collection by getting them into these programs and blaming the victims for not being able to do what he did. Kids, get a miracles coaching program if you want a car collection. Don't do what Joe says, do what Joe does.

Actually, I'm kidding about that last part. Don't be a scammer.

It is unfortunate that those in the spiritual community are brow beaten with ideas such as: don’t dwell on your mistakes or you create more of them, you are responsible for your own experience, what you say comes back to you… and all of these statements keep people in the new age/spiritual communities from coming forward and actually speaking about their experiences. They’ll vent privately, but public discussion is discouraged. After all, who wants to be told that it’s their own fault they got scammed by a boiler room?

I don't know that I believe in miracles. I certainly don't believe in Joe Vitale's miracles coaching.

I do believe that there are scammers in this world who are using the internet to sell people an unattainable dream-lie that cannot and will not happen and then separating them from their money in the process. It has happened. It is happening.

And it is time for it to stop.