Sunday, August 15, 2010

Video Link Generator

Did you know that there is a new product called the Video Link Generator? Did you know that it is a free video link generator, but that there are also upsell options available so that it is also a paid video link generator?

That's right! It's web site that does a whole bunch of things that is generating links for videos. And other things. But there's something else you should know about generating links for videos.

Why you need a video link generator

This new product just released is probably easy to find if you guess the domain. But this little post is designed to help the search engines figure out that a really cool video link generator has existed for a long time, and that this OTHER video link generator is probably a better option for you if integrity is important to you.

Yes, Burned by Fire is taking a side. I'm taking the side of someone who is experiencing what I experienced 4 years ago in the same disgusting inner circle of rip off artists in Wimber-lie.

You would probably enjoy learning more about another video link generator, except it is called a Video Code Maker. Still. It makes working with video online a lot easier and productive. And you want to be more productive with your videos, don't you.

I'm sure you're smart enough to figure out which Video Link Generator is best for your needs. But I also hope you read the comments in this blog post about how a certain person in Wimberley, Texas basically took another person's idea. It's called integrity, and I hope you put your video link generation needs to buy from the person with more integrity than the other person.

So, go get the video link generator from the person with the most integrity.

As you might surmise from reading this, I really have no idea what the Video Code Maker does. Or the Video Link Generator either. I do know how certain people roll however, and I'm happy to do my part to bump the search engines in the right way, and to ensure than anyone who thinks they want to use the Video Link Generator at that other domain fully understands what they're supporting if they want to use that link generation option for their videos.


  1. Nerissa just sent this email out to her list this morning about this.

    I have news!

    First, a friend has created a modern day Video Code Maker. His creation marries the HTML scripts from your existing accounts (Aweber, Paypal, etc) to your videos. Unlike which marries your scripts AROUND your videos, my friend's creation marries your codes, links and scripts INSIDE your videos. Just upload your videos to his website, then insert your links and scripts into your account. Next, indicate when you want your links etc to appear withIN the video. Lastly, just copy and paste your new video code onto your web pages, or share by integrating other accounts.

    So this is a pretty cool way to use existing technology in a way that is easy for YOU! And you know I love affordable and easy video tools!

    (NOTE: The downside of this new service is the Privacy Policy states it can place third party advertising inside your videos, too.)

    This announcement is bittersweet, I admit.

    I heard about this new service last week. When I asked the website's creator what it did and if my list (you) would be interested in knowing about it, he told me didn't know much about his product because his staff was creating it. He continued that he had just made the video for its sales page that day and spent thousands of dollars over several months researching and developing it. I then asked
    if it was like Video Code Maker?

    He responded, "What is that?"

    I was dumbfounded.

    After all, my friend and I spent three years meeting every week in the same Master Mind where I got support to make my groundbreaking website and my groundbreaking software Also, I have heard from others that he regularly uses my and which links to my

    A couple days later my friend stood his ground with his new creation and told my husband, "Video Code Maker is completely different than my product."

    Thus, this bittersweet announcement..... A new video tool is at is ready for you to try. It is different enough from my groundbreaking software that I don't have ill feelings for my friend for creating his first video product.

    I just wish I could be celebrating with him instead of having to remind him of who I am and what I have done.

    Nerissa Oden

  2. OK. I read the email, and I've read some of Nerissa's comments on Facebook. I'm still confused about how the creator of the newer product could have spent thousands of dollars over several months researching and developing it, and yet he supposedly made the claim to Nerissa that he doesn't know much about what his product does. Is that totally wacky (or disingenuous), or do I just have a reading comprehension problem?

    Just reading between the lines of Nerissa's email, it sounds more "bitter" than sweet. "I don't have ill feelings..." Yeah, keep on saying those affirmations, N, and maybe they'll take.

    But good for BBF for making a stand for integrity. BBF, you seem like a pretty nice guy for a "hater." :-)

  3. What ever happened to Pat O'bryan's video link generator? I went looking for it, and it looks like it isn't there anymore. Did Queen Nerissa pull it? Or did Joe spank Pat and tell him to be a good little boy and stop stealing from his wife?