Friday, September 2, 2011

Timothy Wilson versus Joe Vitale

Oh, now this is getting fun.

Joe has announced a new Abundance Network after lunching with God. Hint: Joe has in the past announced television shows such as Expect Miracles, a radio show on CNN, and a TV show on CBS. He has announced bogus charities that do nothing but feed his ego and make him APPEAR to be generous, meanwhile doing absolutely NOTHING. My prediction: the abundance network will amount to Joe's pile of dirt.

Joe has announced a trip to fantasy island, but you have to pay him $50,000 and he's not even going to dress up like his alter-ego, Tattoo. Don't worry, he'll still look like Danny Devito, and your brilliant imagination skills can make up the rest. Friend of the Pyre, Cosmic Connie has details on that.

But look what Fireboy did. He got mentioned in a book called Redirect by Timothy D. Wilson, the Sherrell J. Aston Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia. On page 45, no less. The shot isn't completely directed at Joe, there's lots of mentions of his cohorts in the "movie" The Secret. But Joe, our fearfilled leader, takes it upon himself to defend himself and the rest of the make-believers in the Law of Attraction. You see, Joe never said anything about thoughts creating your reality. It's about actions. Actions create your reality. That's it, that's the ticket.

Oh, and I love the way Joey shows off that he learned a big word in that blog post where he defends himself against the completely unconscious Timothy D. Wilson. But then again, small minded "Got Milk" types of hucksters trying to play superior games against well respected actual Ph.D. (not the pretend Ph.D. in "meta-physics Joe Vitale asserts that he has from a diploma mill) always have amused me.

So, real Dr. Wilson says that movies like The Secret and just-think-happy-thoughts self-help books and programs that not-Dr. Vitale put out actually cause more problems than they're worth.

Joe's response:

He [the author of 'Redirect'] quotes me as saying the reason you have what you have is due to your thoughts. He apparently missed the part where I said you have what you have due to your actions. Thoughts are only part of the equation. Glossing over facts because they don’t support your underlying message is a common way to communicate...
...I’m not kicking the author’s shins, as I enjoyed his book and urge you to read it. But I am reminding us that we all have unconscious blind spots – even authors who try to help us see them. We don’t see them because they are unconscious. The point of life is to awaken.

I'd love to see if real Dr. Wilson would ever respond to not-Dr. Vitale. Is Dr. Wilson awakened enough to spend $50,000 of his book earnings to actually attend not-Dr. Vitale's Fantasy Island? Would Dr. Wilson be open enough to let go of his unconscious patterns and play the role of Rourke? I think not, Dr. Wilson. I think not. I bet Malcolm Gladwell, who apparently raves about Dr. Wilson's books, wouldn't invest $50,000 on Make-a-piece-off-you island either.

Let's talk a little bit about "glossing over facts," shall we? It's a common way to communicate in Joe Vitale's experience, and I agree. He experiences himself glossing over facts a lot. Like the facts about what he has really said.

Sometimes he tells us that we do things with our thoughts. Sometimes he tells  us we need to set intentions. Sometimes he tells us we need to listen to specially designed audios to set our intentions. Sometimes he tells us intentions are for wussies. Sometimes he tells us we need to neutralize negative thoughts. Sometimes he tells us it's all in our unconscious and we need to hooponopononono on it, like he just did to Dr. Wilson. Sometimes he likes to say that it is little kid's fault for attracting their killers, like he did on Larry King.

OK, now I am tired. Apparently, Joe likes to gloss over what some truths and concentrate on whatever message might be most profitable in the moment. If he was telling the truth, he wouldn't contradict himself every other minute. He'd have some congruency in the products he puts out.

My order of Redirect is coming soon. I am hoping I get to see whether or not Dr. Wilson is congruent in his message in the book. I think there will be a lot of congruency in his message that self help materials like Joe Vitale's, like The Secret, do much more harm than good.


  1. Hey, BBF, glad you're back.

    It does make one's brain hurt to try to keep up with Joe's contradictory and misleading teachings. Just from context, it would appear that Real Dr. Wilson was basing some of his opinions about The Secret and Joe on that famous little snippet in which Joe likens the Universe to a mail-order catalog: "It really is that easy... and you do it all with your thoughts." Joe has used that video many times in his promotional material.

    You may recall that when I confronted Joe on his recent blog post about Dr. Srini (the M.D. who writes books about how LOA has been scientifically verified), Joe scolded me for implying the video was an accurate representation of his teachings. He said that snippet was the only one he was legally allowed to use for promotion of his role in The Secret.

    He has almost made an entire second career explaining how misleading the snippet was, yet he milks it for all it's worth.

    Let me know what you think of "Redirect" when you read it.

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  3. Do you think Joe Vitale gives one rat's ass what you write here? He has millions of dollars and an estate and lots of cars. What do you have? A silly little blog that gets no comments, no traffic, and no recognition. Save your breath and your time and do something useful. I feel sorry for you.

  4. Well, we have been joined by the esteemed Patio Furniture, Joe's sycophant-in-chief and head knob polisher! The "style," such as it is, is unmistakable, and the unintentional message obvious: Joe apparently does give that rat's ass, or he wouldn't have sent his drooling buffoon around to mimic a retarded Pee Wee Herman.

    The "anonymous" was such a waste of your time, but that's only fitting, since you are such a profound waste of ours.

  5. Anon #1, ha. You amuse me about as much as a bottle of a fine Malbec amuses you. Thanks for the laugh. Oh, have you checked out your name on google lately. And whatever did happen to the Video Link Generator you were so hot about not too long ago?

    Anon #2, I'm sure Joe didn't send him. I think Joe did, however, throw Patioboy a bone or two as a reward. I actually like receiving such degrading comments. They really do amuse me and remind me of the good ol' @criticwatch days on Twitter. Good times.

  6. Threw him a bone, eh? Do I hear a banjo playing? Squeals emanating from the Porta-Can Empire?

  7. What a coincidence. I was just looking through some old blog posts tonight, and read the Critic Watch Chronicles, which led me to follow a link here and discover you're back, BFF! How I have missed you! Hope all is well with you and yours.

    Ciao for now!