Sunday, July 3, 2011

Joe Vitale's God

We're still talking about Joe Vitale's lunch with God. It's fascinating, really, and it gives you a little look into Joe Vitale's motivations, psychology, and reality. For someone who says he loves everyone, for someone who tweets frequently that "I love you" is the most powerful statement you can say, it's odd who Joe feels God-like feelings towards.

Is it someone with a huge heart, someone who radiates love and kindness in every statement?

Is it someone who can  provide him health and healing?

Is it someone who can solve homelessness? (After all, Joe says this is a big problem, a problem worthy of his conspicuous altruistic attention.)

Is it someone who can solve worldwide problems of hatred, bigotry, and violence?

Or is it someone who has a few hundred million at his disposal.

Yes, the person who shows up and makes Joe see God is a per$on in bu$ine$$ ca$ual that make$ Joe $ee what i$ mo$t important to him.

Not love.
Not health.
Not helping people.
Not changing the world.

Nope. Joe Vitale saw dollar signs, and that is his God. He's willing to take someone's last few thousand dollars through a hard sell in his miracle coaching program before he will help a homeless person.

Operation YES, according to my research, is a sham organization that does absolutely nothing. It doesn't meet the promises that have been stated for nearly 4 years. It doesn't even try.

Joe Vitale's primary focus is money, it is his God, it is what he wants more than anything. And when he says "I love you" what he really means is "I love your money."

If Operation YES really is committed to changing the world and not just a sham organization that Joe pulls out when he's looking to look altruistic, why did he not tell his "God" in their lunch meeting about his goals of helping people around the world overcome homelessness? Why was that not pitched as an idea bigger than big, bigger than Joe's ego?

Perhaps because Joe feels that he wouldn't get enough attention, that the evil mainstream media would just turn it into another Hoshun doll escapade and ridicule Joe. Because there are never any feel good stories about people overcoming homelessness on mainstream media. Nevermind this guy. They are just looking to victimize people like Joe who are REALLY doing good work, you know.

Operation YES, homeless of the world, you're on your own. Really, it isn't Joe's fault that the media won't report in his favor. But he'll show them. Yes, he will. He'll show them.

After all, he's got "God" on his $ide.


  1. Good addition to your previous post, BBF. The story you cited of the formerly homeless guy, Ted Williams, is a good example of media jumping on a POSITIVE story and playing it for all it was worth. Apparently all of the sudden media attention, compounded by the fact that Mr. Williams' problems were complex and longstanding, led to a relapse and a stint in rehab. This was also reported by the media -- the same media that reported the positive part of his story. Seems to me that, contrary to what Joe and gang would have us believe, the media are just doing their job: going after the good stories, whether positive or negative. And maybe they're doing that because it attracts viewers and advertiser dollars. Ya think?

    In any case Mr. Williams seems to be slowly but surely making his way back to a good life. He may or may not relapse again. He's reportedly working on a reality TV show himself, and has completed a book proposal.

    The point is that there's rarely a tidy, white-or-black resolution to most real-life problems, and therefore there's rarely a tidy ending to most real-life stories. Joe's lame attempts to blame the media for doing their jobs and reporting events (with or without spin) won't change the fact that his own motives seem glaringly transparent.

  2. BBF - Alas, Mr. Vitale (I can't seem to bring myself to call him "Doctor") has apparently banned me from participating on his blog, as my comments don't even appear as "awaiting moderation" any longer. Here is my latest comment to his Lunch with God post:

    Joe, with all due respect, you never did answer her question. Operation Yes is your baby, so you of all people should know what it has accomplished, certainly better than the people (whom are not named) it has supposedly assisted. You've never before been shy about your accomplishments, so you can understand why it seems strange that you avoid tooting your horn about this, and offer instead responses that are, to be quite frank, passive aggressive and rude.

    End comment

    As evasive as he has been about what his Operation Yes has (allegedly) accomplished, I fond myself quite cynical as to the integrity of his current venture, and frankly doubt that anything shall come of it, unless he creates some big book, as he has claimed to be doing with Operation Yes. I fear the man is naught but a sham and a grifter. He certainly behaves like one.