Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching Update

Well, kiddies, it's been a while hasn't it. Your old friend Burned by Fire has been attending to other duties, and frankly Fireboy hasn't been that interesting lately.

Unless you think visiting Arnold Schwarzenegger because your friend won a ticket interesting. Though I think Fireboy's choice of attire was interesting. Look at me! I dressed like a flag to impress you. But, but, it's STEEEEVE REEEEVES flag!

With new books out, Fireboy is getting more interesting, and I know that my skeptical friends far and wide are watching.

Of course, everyone's been watching the implosion of Kevin Trudeau and friends over at the Global Information Network, or better known as "that's GIN in your kool-aid" by those who have been sounding the wake up calls. Fireboy's good friend and former Marketing VP Peter Wink, was also Kevin Trudeau's marketing man.

Well well. I guess trips to visit Prosper Inc. with Joe for his Miracles Sucker Poaching Program (aka Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching Program) weren't good enough for Peter. He'd rather fondle Kevin Trudeau's gold bars.

From not-doctor Joe Vitale to Kevin Trudeau to now definitely not-doctor Leonard Coldwell, Peter Wink certainly knows how to not-pick employers.

But back to our topic of interest... as there are other places to read about Kevin Trudeau, Leonard Coldwell, and Wink. And of course, even more Leonard Coldwell.

Well, Joe has a number of things in the cooker. Unfortunately, I don't recommend consuming any of them.

He's doing a book about his Miracles Coaching program to prove to you that it isn't a scam. His new book, from the image on Facebook, is called Miracles Manual: The Secret Coaching Sessions.

If it's anything like his Life's Missing Instruction Manual, it will a hobbled together mess of interviews and blog posts from "friends." It isn't a manual. It's a collection of essays.

And here's an alert: if it is published, it isn't secret. Rhonda wants her empty words back, Joe Vitale.

But back to miracles coaching. Specifically Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching.  If you have any interest in Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching program, please do your research. And read the comments on Jonathan's blog linked here. Many of them are fresh, so you can get a sense for what is still occurring in Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching program.

People are still experiencing the "hard sell" from Prosper Inc. on Miracles Coaching.

Also coming soon from Fireboy, a book called Faith. Of course, all books are the first step in an upsell that moves through empty programs and into the multi-thousand dollar miracles coaching program. Have faith in the program, dear friends, because if it doesn't work for you, it is because you weren't working from faith!

It's faith or fear, Joe says, in recent blog post. Fear the upsell, don't fear the shredder, I say.

The thing is, his discussion of faith will inevitably lead people to the world of upsells... it's what Joe does. And if you haven't read any reviews of his previous work, you'll find evidence of it there. Every book he writes has an upsell to something else... an expensive DVD program for hundreds of dollars, audio regurgitation programs, or the dreaded Miracles Coaching.

I probably wouldn't even write about Joe Vitale if it weren't for the Miracles Coaching program. Books and "programs" are one thing. But when someone asks you how much you have available on your credit card, and then you find out the multi-thousand dollar program is basically a fresh-faced recent college grad leading you through a book study program... there's something wrong with that right there.

Edit: If you're still interested in Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching Program, do some research on Prosper, Inc. the company Joe Vitale fronts his "coaching" program for. They are the ones you'll talk to, they are the ones you'll pay, and Joe Vitale receives a commission for everyone he points at the Prosper Inc. program.


  1. GREAT to see you back, BBF. While I've been preoccupied with my own battles with some even darker forces in Scamworld (namely, the evil little Not-Doc), I haven't forgotten Mr. Fire. Hard to believe that he's still pushing Miracles Coaching so hard, when there has been so much critical focus on Utah's "rotting vortex of fraud" (as Salty Droid would put it) boiler rooms -- of which Joe's Miracles Coaching partner Prosper is definitely one.

    And yeah, I do believe it was Peter Wink who helped arrange that marriage, back before he ran away to join the True-dough circus.

    With Joe, all roads lead to Miracles Coaching. Everything is an upsell. I guess that's just the way it is in Scamworld.

  2. Thanks for all the link Love ;-)

  3. I was in contact with Prosper.com and My conclusion is it is not worth perusing. They ask you a lot of questions about you money situation and give you this sell job on how they only can choose certain people so they act like they are doing you this big favor because they have to qualify you to decide if you are teachable for their program. If you listen very carefully it sounds like they were reading from a script.If you go in line and read different comments about Prosper it runs along the same vain of people being misled and paid thousands of dollars for something they never got. Definitely pass this one by.
    Also be aware there are a lot of these other groups for getting wealthy, finding the miracle in your life, Hypnosis, you get the picture, that lead you back to Prosper. Buyer beware.